Massey Child Care Centre

The Massey childcare centre in Albany offers students and staff with children a quality option. The new centre uses two buildings from the Oteha Rohe campus and has been extensively refurbished with great indoor and outdoor spaces.

Leaders and kaiako have been working to establish internal evaluation to improve their practice and outcomes for children. In addition, they are enhancing their understanding of the reciprocal iv processes that underpin their teaching.

ECE Research Lab

ECE Research Labs drive innovation and bring life-changing technologies to market. From software that secures big data in healthcare, to imaging and blood tests that detect disease, prostheses to save eyesight, robotic surgical tools, cyber DNA software that stops hackers in their tracks and devices that cloak wireless transmissions, our faculty are changing the world with research.

This action research project was conducted in the Hoiho Section of the Centre of Innovation at Child Care Centre Massey Inc Palmerston North. The teachers involved gained a more thorough understanding of their teaching practices and of the leadership systems that underpin them. They also developed a model of the mutually constitutive vii processes that support their children’s disposition to enquire.

Tara McLaughlin

Massey childcare centre is a not-for-profit child care provider. It offers a range of innovative education and care programmes for children and families of the Massey University community. Its programme is designed to promote children’s holistic development in an environment of security and understanding.

The teachers and kaiako have developed a stronger appreciation of the value of research in informing their practice, and have added to their repertoire of teaching skills. They have also improved their ability to communicate with whanau about their professional learning.

An overflow crowd filled a small Town Hall room yesterday afternoon to hear a public session of Superintendent Thomas Scarice’s ad hoc committee review a parent’s challenge to 3 books in Staples High School’s library. The mother, Tara McLaughlin, asked that “Gender Queer,” “This Book Is Gay,” and “Flamer” be removed from the collection.

Karyn Aspden

Dr Karyn Aspden is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Education at Massey University. Her research focuses on strengthening pedagogical practices to support quality ECE provision for student teachers and practice teachers. She has particular interests in infant and toddler pedagogy and leadership in ECE.

The Centre is situated on the Massey University campus and offers innovative education and care programmes for children from birth to six years old. It is a non-profit centre with positive Education Review Office reports and excellent teacher-to-child ratios. Its programmes are based on a child-led approach, with learning taking place in a secure environment. Leaders and kaiako have established systems for evaluation to identify areas for improvement.

Tracy Riley

She defends employers and boards in every aspect of employment based litigation. She also provides counsel to school districts throughout New Jersey, assisting them in daily decision making with regard to all matters relating to special education, student issues, civil litigation and due process hearings as well as contract negotiations.

She promotes active teaching-research alliances to expedite evidence-based practices in nursing and health professions education. Her research interests include giftedness in nursing, and the development of learning resources for nurses in baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral programs. She is an author on several published articles. She has received numerous awards for her work. She is admitted to practice before the State of New Jersey and the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Vicki Gifkins

Massey Child Care Centre Inc is a community-based early education service for ages 0-5 years. It is situated on the Massey University Manawatu campus in Palmerston North. It has a long history of positive Education Review Office reports and excellent teacher-to-child ratios.

The centre provides innovative education and childcare programmes for the children of the Massey University community and their families. Its programmes are designed to promote children’s holistic development in a caring and secure environment. The programme also supports cultural diversity and a strong sense of belonging.

The leadership and kaiako have a commitment to improvement and are working hard to implement evaluation processes. They are establishing systems to measure quality and outcomes for children and whanau.

Linda Clarke

Karyn Aspden and Linda Clarke from Massey University will discuss their research on teachers’ coaching and mentoring practices to promote teaching practice that supports toddlers’ social-emotional competence. They will also share some practical strategies for building intentional, responsive relationships in the contexts of routines, play and conflict resolution.

To ensure the safety of children and staff involved in this research, all participants, their whanau (family) and ECE centres were fully informed about the aims and procedures of the study. This research was endorsed by the Massey University Human Ethics Committee (Southern A, 15/36).

Tara McLaughlin is a senior lecturer and researcher in ECE at Massey University. She is passionate about inclusive high-quality early childhood education. Her research focuses on intentional teaching through an equity lens.

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