Pelican Air Cases Are 40% Lighter and More Durable

Pelican cases are known for their durability. The company’s website is filled with stories of lion attacks, shifting pack ice and airplane crashes that the gear inside survived.

Pelican Air Cases use next generation HPX resin that is up to 40% lighter than their Protector and Storm case lines, yet are still crushproof and watertight. They also feature an automatic purge valve that equalizes air pressure and a padded TrekPak divider system.

Lighter than Air

As airlines clamp down on weight and size limits for carry-on luggage and checked bags, Pelican has responded with a redesign of some of their iconic protective cases. Their Air cases are up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases with no reduction in durability.

The new case line has honeycomb structural elements that reduce the amount of plastic, but are just as strong. They are molded from next-gen lightweight HPX2 resin that bends with the pressure, not against it, and is stronger at different temperatures.

The 1535TRVL case is the largest wheeled carry-on sized case that meets airline cabin baggage regulations. It features over-molded handles, wheels that roll smoothly on hard surfaces and packed carpets, business card holders and lockable hasps for security. This case is also fitted with the TrekPak divider system, which allows you to customize the interior of your case to fit your gear perfectly. It comes with a set of dividers and a cutting tool for easy customization.


The case’s body is molded with a massive machine that puts 1800 tons of pressure to compress heated plastic material into its shape. They also put the cases through their own durability tests which include a two story drop and being submerged in water.

The result is Pelican cases that are built like tanks and are known for their extreme durability. The new Air line promises the same level of ruggedness but is up to 40% lighter.

To achieve this, they shaved every bit of excess weight off the handle and other parts while retaining important areas for strength. They also used a lighter resin and made the walls slightly thinner but still strong. The largest sized case, the 1535, is airline carry-on approved and includes their TrekPak divider system to allow users to customize the interior to their equipment needs. The dividers have pre-scored Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam that can be removed and replaced to fit whatever you might be carrying in the case. There are also places for padlocks and plenty of handles for rolling it around.


Many photographers have to lug around large amounts of expensive gear that can be easily damaged or lost in the hands of baggage handlers. The Pelican website is a collection of “survival stories” that range from Tsunamis to small airplane crashes and blocks of C4.

Unlike some protective hard cases, the Air line is watertight. O-rings seal to an IP67 rating and an automatic purge valve regulates internal pressure. This allows the case to be submerged up to 1 meter for 20 minutes without damaging the contents.

All Pelican Air cases are molded from next gen lightweight HPX2 resin that is stronger than polypropylene. They are also more durable and offer the same level of premium protection as the Storm and Vault line of cases. They are available empty, with pick ‘n pluck foam, velcro padded dividers or the new TrekPak infinitely variable divider system. All Pelican cases are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee.


The Air series of Pelican cases is up to 40% lighter than the company’s standard Protector cases without sacrificing durability. They feature an easy to open press-and-pull latch system, which is more user friendly and adds an extra layer of security.

They’re also made with honeycomb structural elements that reduce the amount of structural plastic, while maintaining legendary Pelican standards of strength. This is in addition to a watertight 0-ring gasket, pressure release valve, double-throw safety latches and rubberized handles.

These cases are designed to be carried, rolled and hauled like a workhorse. For example, the airline carry-on sized 1615 model features a tethered extension handle that’s lockable.

While photographers rely on them to transport their most prized gear, these hard cases are used by professionals in the military, aerospace industry, and emergency medical services. Pelican cases are tough and durable enough to stand up to the most stressful situations. This is why they’re the choice of professionals that have to entrust their gear to strangers, such as airport security or a taxi driver.

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