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Children and youth

Children and young people are our future. We all have a role to play in keeping them safe and strong.

Ensuring New Zealand children and young people have positive wellbeing experiences, will determine what sort of adults they become, how they parent and how they participate in society. The reports and resources in this theme explore a wide range of issues affecting children, young people and their family and whānau; focusing on the early years, education, child discipline, and young people’s relationships.

National Drug Policy
Submission to the Ministry of Health

In this submission, the Families Commission provides evidence from three of its research studies which show that there needs to be more support for families living with addiction.
Fri 28 Feb, 2014
Download Submission on the National Drug Policy (265.85 KB)
Inquiry into engaging parents in the education of their children
Submission to the Education and Science Select Committee

The relationship and interactions between schools, families and communities can have a significant bearing on educational outcomes.
Thu 7 Nov, 2013
Download Submission to the Inquiry into engaging parents in the education of their children (381.41 KB)
Vulnerable Children’s Bill 2013
Submission to the Social Services Select Committee

This Bill introduces a range of measures aimed at providing greater protection for vulnerable children. In the submission, the Families Commission examines research evidence in relation to th
Wed 30 Oct, 2013
Download Submission on the Vulnerable Children’s Bill 2013 (280.47 KB)
Families and Whānau Status Report 2013
Towards measuring the wellbeing of families and whānau

The Families and Whānau Status Report is the first in a series that aims to enrich our understanding of family and whānau wellbeing.
Mon 5 Aug, 2013
Download Families and Whānau Status Report 2013 (3.43 MB)
Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill
Submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee

The Commission’s submission supports proposals to provide dispute resolution processes outside the court that promote early resolution for families.
Wed 13 Feb, 2013
Download Submission on the Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill (306.09 KB)
Evidence Brief 01 – Teen Births
Regional and national trends

This report looks at teenage birth rates over time, across regions and by age of mother, and includes data about a second or subsequent birth to a teenage mother.
Thu 15 Nov, 2012
Download Teen Births evidence brief (464.96 KB)
Fact Sheet 02 – Teen Births
Regional and national trends

This Fact Sheet provides summary information from our research report on national and regional trends in teenage birth rates –
Thu 15 Nov, 2012
Download Teen Births fact sheet (1.53 MB)
Tūpuna – Ngā Kaitiaki Mokopuna
A resource for Māori grandparents

This resource explores the experiences of Māori grandparents in New Zealand. It describes the pleasures and pressures of grandparenting and the significant role grandparents play in the lives of whānau. This includes providing support, sharing resources, nurturing mokopuna, and teaching te reo, whakapapa, history and tikanga.
Thu 1 Nov, 2012
Download Tūpuna – Ngā Kaitiaki Mokopuna (986.75 KB)
Snapshot 14-12: The Early Years
Children aged 0-5 years

Greater investment is needed in supporting families and whānau with young children, in particular those experiencing hardship and vulnerability, to ensure they have access to the support they need
Mon 8 Oct, 2012
Download Snapshot 14-12: Early Years (256.71 KB)
Proposed amendments to guidelines on surrogacy and donations of eggs or sperm

This submission comments on proposed changes to the Guidelines on Assisted Reproductive Technology. These changes would allow single men or male couples, in certain circumstances, to use these technologies to produce children.
Wed 12 Sep, 2012
Download Submission on surrogacy and donations (222.59 KB)

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