Cat Tower vs. Cat Tree: Understanding the Differences and Benefits

When furnishing your home to accommodate a pet cat, choosing the right type of climbing structure can make all the difference. Cat towers and cat trees are popular options, each offering distinct advantages and features. At Cat Tree Haven, we offer both types and believe it’s important for pet owners to understand the differences and benefits of each to make an informed decision.

What is a Cat Tower?

A cat tower is generally a tall, vertical structure with multiple levels. Towers are designed to take up minimal floor space and often focus on height to provide climbing opportunities and a high vantage point that cats love.

Benefits of a Cat Tower:

Space Efficiency: Ideal for smaller spaces, as they maximize vertical space.

Focused Activity: With less complex structures, they offer straightforward climbing and perching.

What is a Cat Tree?

A cat tree is usually broader and may sprawl more horizontally compared to a cat tower. It often includes multiple branches (limbs) or platforms at various heights, and sometimes comes with additional features like cubbies, hammocks, or more elaborate toys.

Benefits of a Cat Tree:

Variety of Activities: Provides more options for play, exercise, and relaxation.

Stimulation: The complexity and variety can keep a cat engaged for longer periods.

Choosing Between a Cat Tower and a Cat Tree

Consider Your Space: Choose based on how much room you have. A cat tower might be better for tight spaces, while a cat tree could be more suitable for a larger room.

Think About Your Cat’s Personality: Active cats might enjoy the diversity of a cat tree, while more timid or less active cats might prefer the simplicity and security of a tower.

Look at the Long-Term Benefits: Depending on the number of cats you have or plan to have, and their ages, one might offer more benefits than the other.


Both cat towers and cat trees offer significant benefits, and the best choice depends on your space, your cat’s needs, and personal preference. At Cat Tree Haven, whether you choose a tower or a tree, you can be assured of high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and the potential for hours of entertainment for your cat. Browse our selection today to find the perfect solution for your feline family member and your home.

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