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New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse

The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse is the national centre for collating and disseminating information about domestic and family violence.
Superu funds the University of Auckland to operate the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse.

Superu’s vision is to be the centre of excellence for knowledge about New Zealand families and whānau. Working with the NZFVCH is part of that vision to ensure we can advocate for the interests of families from a strong evidential base.

Having access to quality information is critical to ensuring family violence prevention strategies and initiatives have the greatest impact possible and can assist cross-sector consistency in approaches to family violence prevention.

Campaigns such as our White Ribbon Campaign to end violence against women and the It’s not OK Campaign will benefit from fast and efficient access to the best evidence from around the world.

The Clearinghouse draws on the expert leadership and academic excellence exemplified by Dr Janet Fanslow, whose work has contributed greatly to understanding family violence in New Zealand, and Associate Professor Robyn Dixon, who has extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary teams in research and evaluation projects.

We’re now called Superu

From 1 December 2014, the Families Commission started operating as the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit, or Superu for short.

We still have a focus on families and whanau. We are making the change because it better reflects HOW we do what we do. In early 2014, the legislation that governs us changed to give us the additional responsibilities of monitoring and evaluating programmes and interventions in the social sector, and to provide social science research into key issues, programmes and interventions.

In a nutshell, we’re responsible for finding out what works for families and whanau. Complex social issues deserve quality evidence to enable better-informed decisions. Decision-makers need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Our purpose is to increase the use of evidence by people across the social sector so that they make better decisions – about funding, policies or services – to improve the lives of New Zealanders, New Zealand’s communities, families and whānau.

We look forward to working with you, whether we have worked with you in the past or will soon work with you in the future. And we’re always keen to hear from you. We can be contacted on 04 917 7040 or by email

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Welcome to the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit, or Superu for short

You may have known us in the past as the Families Commission. We are still focused on families and whānau, and have changed our name so it better reflects what we do.

Our purpose is to increase the use of evidence by people across the social sector so that they can make better decisions – about funding, policies or services – to improve the lives of New Zealanders, New Zealand’s communities, families and whānau.

We work across the social sector to:
• promote informed debate on key social issues for New Zealand, its families and whānau, and increase awareness about what works
• grow the quality, relevance and quantity of evidence in priority areas
• facilitate the use of evidence by sharing it and supporting its use in decision-making.

New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse

Superu funds the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse. It delivers quality evidence to inform cross-sector family violence prevention strategies.