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New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse

The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse is the national centre for collating and disseminating information about domestic and family violence.
Superu funds the University of Auckland to operate the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse.

Superu’s vision is to be the centre of excellence for knowledge about New Zealand families and whānau. Working with the NZFVCH is part of that vision to ensure we can advocate for the interests of families from a strong evidential base.

Having access to quality information is critical to ensuring family violence prevention strategies and initiatives have the greatest impact possible and can assist cross-sector consistency in approaches to family violence prevention.

Campaigns such as our White Ribbon Campaign to end violence against women and the It’s not OK Campaign will benefit from fast and efficient access to the best evidence from around the world.

The Clearinghouse draws on the expert leadership and academic excellence exemplified by Dr Janet Fanslow, whose work has contributed greatly to understanding family violence in New Zealand, and Associate Professor Robyn Dixon, who has extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary teams in research and evaluation projects.

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