Sex Dolls Australia

Rod created an Instagram account for his doll, Karina, and started a new career photographing her posing in different outfits. He even introduced her to his 85-year-old mother, who at first looked at her as if she was poison but eventually ‘totally accepted’ her as part of his life.

Before the COVID lockdown, sales of child-like sex dolls were pretty infrequent. However, during the lockdown, hourly sales have been recorded.
They’re being sold in Melbourne for use in T2 lanes

The dolls are shaped to look like prepubescent girls and are marketed as sexually appealing. Some are pictured with pigtails and soft toys, while others are dressed in lingerie or fishnet stockings. Many of the dolls are posed with whips, which could be used to seduce a victim or as a weapon during sexual assault.

In Australia, sex dolls that are too young or small are considered child abuse materials and are illegal to import or possess. This is because the dolls are a type of tier 2 good that cannot be imported without customs clearance or inspection. They can also be deemed as child exploitation by the courts and may be subject to heavy fines or prison sentences.

These Australia sex dolls are often referred to as “robots” and are marketed as companions or a means to create the “perfect woman.” While advocates claim that sex dolls will have many benefits, they ignore the harm that these dolls cause to women and girls.
They’re being sold on Instagram

Sex dolls are a growing industry, and like other influencers, they’re being promoted on Instagram. They can come in the form of babies or full-grown women, and are available with a variety of accessories. They’re even being made into a social media sensation with their own communities and followings.

There are many misconceptions about sex dolls, including that they’re only used for sex and that their owners live in basements. These preconceptions aren’t necessarily true, but they contribute to a negative stigma against sex doll owners.

Despite their controversial use, sex dolls have been used to promote sexual assault prevention campaigns. They can be used to teach people how to react in a situation of sexual assault, and they can also help victims remember their attackers’ faces. Despite this, sex dolls are not the solution to sexual assault. They can still be used to hurt and objectify women. It is important to understand the harm that these dolls can cause.
They’re being sold on eBay

Sex dolls that look like children are being sold on eBay and Amazon to paedophiles. 123 of these silicone dolls with the appearance, weight and anatomy of a child have been seized by Border Force in a year. The dolls, which can cost up to PS800, often come with wigs and school uniforms. Some are advertised as “hardcore pornography”.

A man who was caught with a child-like sex doll was arrested and charged under the Customs Act, which considers them ‘child abuse materials’. The offence carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and fines of up to $525,000.

The demand for these dolls is increasing, with the majority of customers buying female dolls. According to Andrew, a sex doll store owner, most of his customers are men between 30 and 65. He says that buyers are lonely and want to pursue their hobbies. He also points out that sex dolls allow them to act out fantasies of sexual encounters with women and girls, unlike the more common male toys such as action figures or dildos.
They’re being sold on Amazon

There are a lot of preconceived notions about people who own sex dolls. Many people think that sex doll owners are misogynistic and perverted and dwell in basements, but this is not necessarily true. Some sex doll owners have real-life partners. One example is Rod, who owns Karina, a sex doll that looks like a Vietnamese girl. Rod and Karina spent Christmas with his mother in Melbourne. This surprised her, as she had always assumed that sex doll owners are not able to have relationships with women.

Sex dolls that look like children are banned under Australian law, and can be subject to a maximum penalty of seven years in prison if they are imported illegally or possessed in Australia. However, paedophiles are still trying to get around this law by importing them from other countries and hiding them in their homes.

There are also a number of online retailers selling child-like dolls, such as PipeDream Extreme and Lovehoney. These sites have a range of different styles and sizes, including inflatable sex doll torsos.